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DPHU consistently delivers world-class professional services to its diverse clientele. In the beginning, our organization’s main aim was to establish a reputation for superior customer service excellence. Today, everything we do is about maintaining that level of excellence for our legacy business. we provide complete integration with http://lms.dphu.org/ , our standalone legal services platform.
We offer a comprehensive range of corporate services covering all stages of the entity life cycle for the engineers. We work closely with private and public institutions to develop corporate solutions and provide a service that is consistent, reliable and client focused. Our unique single-source service model includes Engineers Solutions, management Solutions and Corporate Solutions to asset managers, financial institutions, corporates and multinationals.


Our online engineering courses are frequently used by individual engineers, engineering companies and industry associations.
Our courses provide engineers with the opportunity to learn and earn engineering CPD hours more conveniently by completing courses online. These are available 24/7 on the http://cpd.dphu.org website. This enables organisations of all types to maximise productivity by using http://cpd.dphu.org/ courses alongside, or in place of, in-house or external learning programs. This reduces downtime and is a cost effective way to learn.

The hours spent learning may be used as part of the engineering CPD requirements for professional engineers with engineering institutions.

We offer discounts and benefits to:
– Engineering Companies
-Industry Associations
-Others Institution

Advantages to Companies

Companies can benefit from http://cpd.dphu.org/ in four ways:

1. You can provide your staff with access to http://cpd.dphu.org/ courses to maintain their capabilities or improve their competencies. This works by your company purchasing online engineering courses for your staff. Your staff identified for a course will then be provided with access to the course via “ http://cpd.dphu.org t”.

2. You can develop online engineering training courses in conjunction with http://cpd.dphu.org/ for your staff. The advantage of this is that any training will be specific to your staff needs based around your company specifications. These courses will not be available to organisations outside your company. We can even provide a custom branded e-learning library http://lms.dphu.org which will seamlessly deliver content to your staff through your own branded Learning Management System.

Advantages to Industry Associations

Industry Associations can benefit from http://cpd.dphu.org a number of ways:

1. Earning revenue from any courses you provide online through http://cpd.dphu.org/ . Every time one of your courses is sold, you will receive a royalty payment. This is an opportunity for Industry Associations to earn extra income with very little effort – we will do all the hard work!

2. In addition to the revenue steam, we will offer your members a discount on courses if you advertise http://cpd.dphu.org/ on your website.

3. Finally, if you prefer, we can even provide a custom branded e-learning library which will seamlessly deliver content to your members through your own branded Learning Management System.

Advantages to the Others Institutions

Online courses help you to work while you are studying , the management, and brand monitoring are but http://cpd.dphu.org ’s many additional corporate services. For a full listing and to see how http://cpd.dphu.org can transform your company today.


Your business is obligated to promptly respond to CPD DPHU service of process papers. To avoid the consequences that come with failing to comply with countries mandates, it is important to use a leading registered agent service national and international Engineer Institutions.